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Once, when we lived in Kazakhstan, I looked out the window and saw girls who were on their way to “work”, also known as selling themselves on the street. These girls were a few years older than our oldest daughter. I felt very sorry for them and thought to mysef “What could be done to change their lives?” How can someone help them get a real profession? How can one teach them to sew or cook and not have to sell their body? Our mission is to empower women from all backgrounds. To strengthen them and teach them the power of the cross. To make them understand their value and identity in Christ. To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. To protect those who cannot protect themselves. And feed those who cannot feed themselves.

How You Can Get Involved

For More Information Call +17633392596 or Email voiceofthesilent1@gmail.com to get Involved

Charity Fund

Taking part in a meaningful investment in a person is one way to live missionally in accordance with God’s decrees. You choosing to share your blessings with the marginalized communities by donating to the Voice of the Silent will empower these individuals to lead fuller, safer lives their Maker meant for them to have, and it is only through the generosity of people such as you that we are enabled to advance God’s kingdom. Please take a moment to listen to these stories, and allow Him to guide you in making any contributions to our work.

Changing Lives and Bringing Hope Since 1998

Million Victims Worldwide

Cases Reported in 2016

Average Victim Age

What We Do

1. We support spiritually and financially underground churches in the countries of Central Asia, Muslims who converted to Christianity and became outcasts of society and relatives.
2. We help organize a business in Sheltora, where people who have experienced a serious crisis like sexual violence and slavery undergo a rehabilitation program.
We helped organize sewing and other business, it is important to teach women a new profession.
3. We finance projects for people with disabilities in Ukraine.
4. We support the widows of Ukraine and Russia

Our Vision


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