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The Call to Ministry

As Anara grew as a Christian, she began to feel God’s call to help and serve women of Kazakhstan who are typically regarded as servants or property and are not given rights or freedoms. As these women were brought up to live in subservient conditions, they did not have a voice of their own. These women have never been taught that they even should be loved by their husbands.

Anara heard the Lord calling her to become their voice and to bring the gospel, love and counseling to these women.


From 2005-2010 Anara studied in a Bible University Divitia Gratiae in Moldova and Ukraine and received a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical counseling. During that time Madi completed his Pastoral training. During her studies Anara met many Christian women who converted from Islam from Central Asia, countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. She realized that the women’s status in these countries was very similar to the women she knew in Kazakhstan. This led her to desire to expand her ministry reach to all Central Asian countries that once belonged to the Soviet Union.

First Attempts

Their first ministry attempt began with a women’s conference in Moldova which showed them how much such conferences were needed as women’s training was nearly non- existent there. Anara also started a weekly women’s Bible study in Ukraine and organized social projects for women in Eastern Europe partnering with international organizations that serve women around the world.

From this humble beginning Anara and Madi’s women ministry took off. The word began to spread as more women received godly teaching and counseling for the first time in their lives. Anara began to set up and lead more conferences in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the response was overwhelming.

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The Call to Ministry

In 2010 Madi and Anara moved to the United States. In addition to parenting 3 young teen agers, Madi and Anara began to partner with different organizations to set up more women’s conferences and seminars. Their focus was to train other women in Bible knowledge and teach them how it informs their roles as wives and mothers to live godly fruitful lives for Christ.

In addition, they began having conversations with pastors of Slavic churches across the United States raising awareness for the need of effective women’s ministry in churches.

Over time, Anara began recording her conferences and publishing them on her YouTube channel. These videos have reached many Russian speaking women across the world who heard about her teaching. In addition, a Sacramento talk show program from Brat TV invited Anara as a speaker to address different topics affecting Christian women and families. The program airs live on Russian radio as well as is published on “Made For Influence” YouTube Channel,

Current Projects

As of today, Madi and Anara organized dozens of women’s conferences across the United States and Canada, Eastern Europe and Central Asia where Anara was the main speaker and teacher. They parent their 3 children and raise them in the fear of the Lord. David (17), Rachel (15) and Aisha (14) constantly help with projects and participate in missions trips with their parents.

Their ongoing projects include supporting shelters for the victims of human trafficking in Central Asia and continuing to hold local women’s seminars and conferences in the United States.

In August 2016 Anara was invited as a speaker to the Lausanne Movement’s YLG (Young Leader’s Gathering) youth conference which had over 1,000 youth leaders attending from 140 countries.

In 2016 Anara began partnering with Elke Werner from Germany. Both Anara and Elke are Catalysts for Women in Evangelism through Lausanne Movement. The first first joined conference was in Ukraine in November of 2016 serving widows of the current war. About 70 women attended, cried, prayed together and left encouraged. It was a special blessing from the Lord to serve these women.

Their main project in 2017 is a large women’s conference titled Arise which will be held in the state of Washington in March 2017. Arise will host several speakers from Germany, Canada and the US teaching women God’s truths for daily living as well as overcoming life’s challenges. In June 2017 they held an English language camp for underprivileged teenagers in Ukraine. A team of 9 came to serve 82 Ukrainian teens, 27 of them came to Christ through the preaching and ministry during the camp.

In November 2017 Anara organized a big conference for women in Minnesota called “Queen Reformation” to honor the 500th year of Reformation. The conference theme was centered on the life of Katharina Von Bora. Martin Luther’s wife. The local church participated in a Theatrical production based on the character of Luther’s wife. You can see a YouTube video of the production on Anara’s channel.

Also around the same time, Anara supported a women’s conference for Ukrainian widows who lost their husbands in the current war. Anara raised funds to cover transportation, accommodations and meals for 85 women who came to the conference.  It was a big encouragement for many of these women who don’t have much at this point.

In December 2017 Anara held Women’s conferences in local New Jersey Russian and Ukrainian churches. The topics included “Knowing your spiritual gifts”, “Raising Teens”, and “Strengthening Husband-Wife Relationships”.

In January 2018 Anara held a training seminar for Christian leaders who serve in women’s ministries throughout Ukraine. About 20 churches participated and sent attendees. Many received much needed tools for effective ministry set up and growth. You can view testimonies from this conference on the Testimony Page.

Upcoming 2018 events include an ARISE Women’s conference in Ukraine in June, Florida Retreat in June and Tajikistan Reconciliation Women’s Conference in September. Check the Home page for links to these events or the Blog page for up-to-date information.