Your support helps Women and Children connect to God’s transforming power

This photo was from a Short Missions Trip to Kyrgyzstan. We visited a shelter in a small village that is operated by a husband and wife who converted to Christianity from Islam. They now house, feed and clothes as many children as they can fit into their shelter loving them, serving them and sharing Christ’s message with them. The shelter is lacking many basic needs like furniture or a bath tub. Our team brought funds to purchase coal for heating the winter during the winter and to start up a sawing operation. The boy who is in the front is Raphael, an orphan who was abused by his uncle and was beaten so badly that he was taken to the hospital.

We brought donated clothes, vitamins and medicine as well as purchased food for them. Many children are here who were abandoned by parents who could no longer care for them. They would have been sold into sex trafficking or starved to death on the streets were it not for the love of Christians who took them in. There are thousands of children like these in cities across Kyrgyzstan and other countries in Central Asia. This is one example of how your gift can help support existing shelters and set up new Christian shelters and save the lives of many more children.

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